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Envied - One Verse.

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2011-10-15 21:55

Envied - One Verse.

Försöker få ut mina texter, eller rättare sagt första gången jag försöker.
Skriv vad ni tycker.

By The Way, är bara en verse.

Yeah I fell down, Later on I got up
Suddenly, I met this new slut
This girl had an mixed style, a twisted style
Something I couldn't wait for a while, but
I'ma fighter, my brain are brighter
The lighter to keep myself alive
There's twenty-five lives, waiting for me to breath
But I can't even tho it's something I need
On the nights I crying until I am able to sleep
If I does, it's the buzz
If I'm not then it's because
The tear's get's me weak
I going crazy as nuts
This shit has been haunting me for weeks
Until I'm down the peaks
I'm heavy as stone
Feel's like I'm builded up with just one bone
Yeah I know, I am phony, there's no reason to hide that
If someone want's me back to the old way I used to act
Just say it, Then it's the fact, Yeah I know
I won't be able to spend my life for the rap
It's too lame, no-one should feel ashamed
For not sayin' my name in this whole music-game
Cause I, won't care more than I care when I break up
So shut up and never let this whole creativity flow stop
If it's not, then it's too hot for these critiques to see
That this is just me...

Girl's are done hurting me, I'm done hurting em', Simple as that