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wilen - shit ain't funny

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2011-09-14 10:36

wilen - shit ain't funny

sjukt länge sen jag va inne här, tänkte lägga upp en grej jag skrev precis iaf, se om nån kan ge mig en åsikt. pz (skrivet till juelz santana - why beatet)

It aint easy when the winds blow cold and your jacket is thin
Can't believe I got myself back in this shit
What imma do when these pills start wearin' off?
I get so pissed i wanna grab my hair and tear it out
Aint shit to do but get high, though I'm broke as fuck
And I'm not the type of dude who walks in a store and holds it up
And sure, I can get help, but I have no will power
My only fucking will power is to sniff powder
And how they gonna help me when I don't wanna get help
Don't matter anyhow, me and friends already goin to hell
Matter fact you can blow me my friend,
My soul is long gone, floatin' along the river styx
All I got to be proud of is that I'm on sick lyricist
And I dont even feel like a real human being until this music heals me
shit I'm out


2011-09-16 15:33
inge dött de va här då