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dm's ville - loveletter

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-06-24 17:19

dm's ville - loveletter

knölade ihop en text som jag inte orkar spela in, men tycker ändå den blev ganska bra och värd att lägga ut för kommentering. so, what you think?

i send a request girl, leave me or love me lonley
I got other plans anyways. im lying,
but its only, a couple men, women and pets who get to know me.
if you got a minute to spare, then please spare it on me.

what up? gimmie a clue, place out som red threads
i know i think i know you but what the hell, im not the feds.
im not sherlock. but nether am i braindead.
it doesnt take a headshrink, to figure out what you meant.

Im leaving town. leaving you behind with this letter.
And I left my best sweather, to you, for cold weather.
Should have known better, couse im freezin now.
your´re the deptor. but im the dumb fuckin clown.

I hope you one day will understand what you missed.
you hope i one day will understand, it was a kiss.
just a kiss. but I´ll get outta this mist.
I just have to realise, that we will never co-exist.

Its to you.(its to you)
by correspondence(correspondence)
nothing new. (thats true)
but, but i still hope you got it.

to you.(to you)
by correspondence (correspondence)
it is true.(it is true)
i know its corny but i wrote you a love letter.

I might have been born yesterday sir, but I stayed up all night