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Pigeon - Oops!

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-04-20 02:51

Pigeon - Oops!

Detta är för ett projekt jag jobbar på med en producent... Refrängen är väldigt audioanpassad så blir nog ganska svårt att läsa den, men va fan, enjoy

try and align with this, pigeon and binderclips
- talent divided with violence
bridging the gap between idiot and scientists
swinging attacks, killing alliances
it is a gag to hit on the fact
in 2 years the scene couldn't fill in the blanks
I left, not with a million raps, I guess
fillers and thrash, is just, enough for killing a rap, is it?
but now Pigeons writtens are back with
B's rythms and class, shits sicker than average
just a bit of glistening talent,
that just happens to prove how your rythmically challenged
sorry, consider the crap that's filling your tracks
it isn't so savage that I'm quick delivering damage
before you piss, shit and kill the thing that I master
bitch, I'll leave you sickening bastards in a spit-covered casket

I came back with bang
I laugh at the fact that
amateur cats
sadder, in fact,
average hacks
rather than rap,
the camera flash

Dude, come on, the scene was never set to make it
youre second rate, but I'm on a hunt, like it was freshman day
tryin to front? shit, I'll set you straight
make it simple and paint a picture with your severed face
aint it pretty? wrecking bases like blazing missiles
hey, it's Pigeon! dedicated to pagan rituals!
investigating to remain subliminal
show distaste and ridicule, and stay original
hit the pavement, I go crazy and hit the roof
leave laymans killed, face down in swimming pools
it's amazing, you never seen a better recreator
having record labels out of their chairs like they're levitating
I'm elevating the game, having peasants praying
crying, wishin' I won't find em hid in their unpleasant basement
but got the eye of the tiger so expect a break in
I'll step in with a hiss... like swedish elevators