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2010-02-18 18:44

She Said.

"You'll never make it, she said.
You'll never make your way to the top or even
halfway, cuz you know when the obsticals come you stop
or you run away. That's why you'll never make it.

You wont live your dream - be your dream or even see
your dream, weak as you wont even dare to scream for your dream.
She predicts my future as if she was God, but not even
God could predict what wasnt there to see at the first place.

Your not strong enough, not build to last long enough.
you cant take whats thrown at you cuz your simply not rough enough.
Why wont you just stop while you can, take your lost as a man
and realize that you should have quit before you even began.

She whispered in my ear crushing my every bone with chills,
that I should have known better than to climb theese hills.
That no dream of mine would ever pay my bills,
that I dont really have any skills.

An inner argument destroying me piece by piece,
when will I ever get peace from my own voice of insecurity.
When will my thoughts reach maturity.
Maybee Im not that tough, cuz I dont know If what I do is good enough
You wont make it, She said.
Why wont she just let me be...cuz she is I and I is she." - Miss H

Spoken words rather than rap.
ha överseende med engelskan, jobbar på den och ge mig
feedback så ja kan jobba på resten med

Klubb One Drops @ Bergmans (simba) 3/7. Dancehall,reggae,grime,UK garage och Funky house på två golv. Miss Anthrax - Sir Dizzle och Funky C står för musiken