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2010-01-13 22:39

Oh Why

Oh Why

"All his life he struggled, if so just to take a breath of fresh air
the pain a son saw in his old father when he knew the day was here.
I dont belive in God he said, with a voice weaker than a falling leaf,
How could there be a higher power
when my father's last breath is leaving me with grief.
A boy now left alone with eyes blinking tears ,wishing someone
would hold him tight like his father did all those years.

A smile so wide lid up the dark alley ,as she walked home from the
party with friends and family. The music still playing like a stereo
in her head, now taken over by the echo of footsteps instead.
She took a peak back and saw his shadow catching up with her own,
then she felt his breath on her neck and chills rushing up her every bone.
Please God don't let this happen to me, protect me like the bible say
The man ripped her clothes off even though she tried to pray.

With a dirty shirt and teared up shoes he walks down the street,
looking deep in every garbage can to find some food to eat.
Eyes so sad filled with hunger for a life with a home and someone to love,
he looks up to the sky and asks why? as if an answer would come from above
Left alone in a cold world and to people that passes him by with fear,
he puts his pocket knife to his throath and ends the pain he felt down here.

Up in the sky he meets with God and asks once again why?
Did you not hear me begging for your help did you not hear me cry.
A voice so deep answered the man and tried to explain,
I gave your father a long life but your grief made you insane.
What you did to the woman that night, you took all her life away,
Thats why you ended up in the streets cause somehow you had to pay.
At last you took your own life and your soul flied up to the sky
and still you're looking for answers and asking me why God? oh why." - Miss H

Detta är en dikt / text....
Hoppas den makes any sense... det funkar i mitt huvud, hoppas ni fattar tanken!
har ni tid å läsa så ta även en min extra å ge mig feedback!

Klubb One Drops @ Bergmans (simba) 3/7. Dancehall,reggae,grime,UK garage och Funky house på två golv. Miss Anthrax - Sir Dizzle och Funky C står för musiken