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Forced to kill

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-01-07 18:25

Forced to kill

Forced to kill

"You sit with your head held deep in your hand
Not knowing what to say after last night
your actions are for no one to understand
how you could so simply shut down his light

Did they force you to take that shot
that made him fall to the ground
his eyes filled with blood so hot
he didnt even have the time to make a sound

Did they put the bullet in the gun
the gun which was used to take a life
did they tell you it was a game all just for fun
but still reality for his kids and wife.

Was the life you took worth less than yours
Who are you to control who lives and who dies
who are you to descide who steps into heavens doors
what gave you the right to put blood in his eyes

Did you think about his family whos life you destroyed
was your konshens not big enough to stop what you did
was it simply for your own sake that you did avoid
the rights from the wrongs you learned as a kid

You say you had no choice but to do as you were told
but how does that excuse your cold minded crime
Only God can tell what the future will hold
the law can descide if you will be sentenced to life time

Now a life is taken because of your weakness
A little girl will grow up in this world without her father
what you did was not a right for you to possess
I know when your judgement day comes you will suffer harder

In the land of the angels far up in the sky
there's a soul prepared to forgive you
But always will that empty soul wonder why
why you did as you say you were told to do"- MissH

det är si och så med engelskan och lite snabbt ihop knåpat men kritika gärna.

Hade Nancy och Norba i tankarna när det skrevs så rip två fina unga kvinnor!

Klubb One Drops @ Bergmans (simba) 3/7. Dancehall,reggae,grime,UK garage och Funky house på två golv. Miss Anthrax - Sir Dizzle och Funky C står för musiken