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Text - Poesi. " I Wonder" [dikt]

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2009-11-30 21:34

Text - Poesi. " I Wonder" [dikt]

Sometimes I wonder why we exist on the planet earth, sometimes I wonder why only women can give birth.Sometimes I wonder if everything really has a meaning, sometimes I wonder so hard that I get a burning feeling. I wonder if we - as human beings will ever learn from history.why racism and hate still goes on is for me mystery. I wonder why we fight over religion and faith, I wonder if heaven really is that great.I wonder if the leaders of the world ever felt any pain. I wonder if they know that there's more to loose than to gain. I think about the mother who lost her child to a drug. I think about the lonley hearts never receiving a hug. I wonder if destiny has a path for us all. i wonder if i fall- will i be able to climb up and stand up tall. I wonder why evil makes people poor.i wonder why the rich always gets moore. I think about the gangs divided in east and west, I think about the bullet going through a little boys chest. I wonder -whats the point in living, if its more important to receive than giving. I wonder if im the only one thinking my brains out. I wonder what this life really is about. I will keep wondering until someone tells me why, why I can still hear bombs fall and babies cry... - Miss H

Klubb One Drops @ Bergmans (simba) 3/7. Dancehall,reggae,grime,UK garage och Funky house på två golv. Miss Anthrax - Sir Dizzle och Funky C står för musiken