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Porno - Godless

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2009-03-22 14:16

Porno - Godless

Vers 1:
The clock goes tick, the clock goes tock/
My words dont fit, my mind wont stop/
Revisiting, the meaning of things/
That I see in my sleep but Im keeping it in/
Keep it a secret, the grief that it brings/
The deeper the secret, the deeper sin/
So I sleep with my secret I keep them within/
When I dream of my secret I weep and I grin/
I turn and I toss, I curse and I cuss/
Their burning the cross, burning it up/
I earged them to stop, but stop they did not/
Stop on the spot or get dropped from a shot/
They stopped then they started, laughed open hearted/
Yes comes easy, no is the hardest/
And the test aint easy but I chose it regardless/
Godless fear were disposable martyrs/

Vers 2:
I remain a sad clown, in the bad part of town/
And my dad isnt proud, but understands that I found/
My wings and dreams and that rap was my sound/
We were kings and queens, with castles and crowns/
So I stand on the ground, a man of my trade/
with my hands in my pockets, and my past on display/
My future as a looser wont happen today/
My future as a looser wont happen this way/
so Im happy to say, to the shackles and slaves/
That the battle has swayed, and that were half of the way/
Where we need to be, but things dont change so easily/
Not immediatly, But believe in me, the sins of saints still breathe in me/
And things aint always what they seem to be/
They metamorph and transform/
Thats Pierre and thats porn/
Hats off and Im gone/

They kept loosing their religion, for the booze and then the women/
Always choosing the desicions, thats reducing how we living/
So Im using my ambition, as a tool for ammunition/
Never loosing my conviction, or abusing my position/
As the fool thats on a mission, to proove he wasnt missing/
The music which we listen, is a movement not prison/
With the rules and the restrictions, its my muse and all my wishes/
So I use what Ive been given, to school the younger children/