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2008-03-24 03:06

That's Life

my inner burns, my soul is demolished it
feels like I got an empty whole in my stomach
cus too many peeps broke what they promise
it's hard to acknowledge those who is honest
and seperate them from foes who is conners
but I recognize yeah I know what you're plottin
I see thru your lies your a demon diguised
.. greet me with smiles when your evil inside
hands on ya mouth you ain't speakin your mind
and the tricks you play is not decent but foul
you scheme and connive concealin and hide
in order to keep me from finding out the truth.
the grief the grind the streets and the crime
you couldn't believe what I've seen with my eyes
I wen't out searched for the meaning of life
but all I found was more reasons to die
got tired of counting sheeps every night
I pop pills bitches now I'm sleepin alright
I still blaze weed but don't even get high
breathin la wishin birds could teach me to fly
you could say that I try reach for the sky
if the phrase includes the reefer I light
it's a rutine stuck with me - rollin a dutch but
I do it even tho I know I'm smokin too much

fake intentions will break a freindship
you fight over cream and one day it's endin
cus the papes is temptin, it rules the world
life is a cheddarchase thats what move the earth
cause like the globe everything goes in a circle
but I ain't going to work I'm just blowin my puple
the human hamster wheels spinnin, wanna hop on?
or position you outside societys rock walls
it's your decsion choose a livin, cause at the end of the day
life is all about spendin your cake
Yeah I hate theres no solidarity between us
but worse I can't feel joy cusov these drugs
I ain't able to feel happiness I lack of it
there's just a hole in my soul no laughterness

I got food and a place I ain't suppose to complain
but it still hurts cause I can't feel joy these days
it feels empty - my only emotion is pain so
I'm sittin hea smokin on haze destroyin my brain

even though I know..

there's no point in tryina eacape from life cus
if you was fucked before it'll rape you twice

this is truth I'm spittin and if you can't relate
you will probably hate and state that I'm fake
but I could care less.. cause this is my life
and the shit that I write is for me, get it right
this is theraphy every time I spit on a mic
I release stress and got my feelins insight
why anxiety? cus I gave my life to these drugs
and let my folks down too many times n it hurts

Life is mighty tough but what do I do.....?

Nothing.. I just light one up.