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Revenge is fear, and the fear is here. [Payback]

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2008-03-19 19:20

Revenge is fear, and the fear is here. [Payback]

Tjoo, de här är andra gången jag nånsin postar på whoa några av mina lyrics men hoppas att de ska komma mer av dom :)

Skrev denhär för en grej jag skriver, inte riktigt riktat till någon viss person men ändå :)
Texten är på engelska så bear with me ;)
"I don’t wanna hear about it,
Fear or doubt it,
Don’t shout it,
I won’t listen to your bullshit, All it
Is is a to put me in a pit, and this
Will make me another of those poor vict…
ims of depression,
A session of aggression,
A lesson in possession of my soul,
I’m digging another hole,
I’m losing all of my control,
I’m letting my feelings go!
Cuz when people try to mess with my mind,
I leave the whole world behind,
I’m a totally new kind,
Of people trying to find
Some quiet, some silence,
From all of this violence,
And these people with tough fronts
When really they’re just cunts,
They think they’re real strong,
And I’m wrong,
I can’t go on
With all of these motherfuckas for much longer
I’m gonna have to pull out a gun,
Aim it at your head,
Pump you fucker full of lead,
And watch you squirm until your dead.
Okay I’m sorry, what I said was not right,
I wouldn’t just kill you; I’d kill you in your next life,
I want revenge bitch!
For what you’ve done to me
And then I’ll make you see,
You’re my number one enemy,
Oh come on please,
Don’t go on your knees,
I won’t shoot you in the head,
I wanna watch you suffer, watch you bleed,
A real slow death,
Like with a fatal disease,
And then watch you plead
When you find it hard to breath.
Then I will make you believe,
I’ll make you hesitate,
I’ll make you sweat when you see me,
And you’ll start to lose weight
Then your gonna wanna pray,
That you don’t see me everyday,
Because you’ll be so shit scared of me,
You’ll start to fade away.
I’ll be coming for you,
There will be nothing you can do,
You’ll think you’ve escaped,
But I’ll turn up out the blue.
It’s inevitable,
So sleep with one eye open,
Just listen I ain’t jokin
That’s it Bitch, I have spoken."

Kommentarer skulle vara uppskattat!:)