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Quken ft seban - You were a wind of pain

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2008-02-21 18:20

Quken ft seban - You were a wind of pain

When you spoke to my dreams    
I almost broke down in tears…
It felt like a pail breeze of relief – sweeping my inner abyss
I thought you were the one who would save me from being burdened

My hope were an anchor and our love were my ship,
Our time were the ocean and our life were a trip,
The feeling overwhelmed me
and we crashed the boat into a spelled sea
Cause the waves of hate kept me from breathing  
And it sickens me knowing that you were cheating….

Man, I could see us growing up
Fight our way to love – always going tuff
Not like this – when did all our loving stop?

You were everything I believed in,
But like always, my believes got me grieving…

The sun shined bright for a while
But slowly, it turned to night
We were like a sunset…
We started in a superficial, hollow light
But the darkness swallowed our life…

You were my soul mate,
But looking back at our old days
Our love was nothing but a cold case … 


Seban : 

they say that you learn from your mistakes..
I guess I could say I learn from you,
cause every wrong take me closer to a miss placed hate

but it's when the lights have faded that I realize that all of the days that I appreciate the most were with you. I can't explain why birds fly, or why the whole world is melting but it's the same with my love to you, I can't explain why I love you and that is the part that scares me the most... cause honestly I think about you everyday but the eco in my head is growing louder for each minute..
"why, do I love you? "
I don think I have the ability to give you an answer..not now, not tomorrow.. I guess this is the end of us because I don't have power to win you, and then lose you.. I just don't have the power...

Im Sorry



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