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The Self Destruction of Mankind

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2008-01-29 20:38

The Self Destruction of Mankind

slängde ihop något smått, kommentera gärna!

The mankind is selfdestructing and the world is going under
Now tell me, is it really worth to live if no one loves ya?
The world is fucked and the people is beyond belief
Twennyfive percents of the world are facing poverty
Money, greed, child labor, hunger and famine
Steadily searching for hope, the world must've been damaged
Some hating and crying, others loving and laughing
Honesty and faith replaced by corruption and madness
Yea.. Pumping and blasting the truth for y'all to understand it
We stuck in a hole of pain with all these problems coming at us
We struggle hard, fight the system, now my fist'll rise up
Philosophising 'bout the issues that exist around us
Homeless orphans strolling down the sewers just to find some food
Equality rules, what's the difference between I and you?
Y'all keep walking without knowing what is going on
Politics destroy society, fuck it, I'll throw a bomb! BOOM

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