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You Just Keep Talking

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-12-22 14:01

You Just Keep Talking

live through this bullshit or strap yourself up
crackin' a nut is harder than trackin this flop
this failure we fell in, who's keeping us held?
and who tells us where poeple in poverty dwells?
they lock them out, since we got our own carusels
yeah, I'm mighty fine - but my brother's in hell
my sister keep yellin but we just don't let them in
we let them see us rollin superrich in our inns

we got money, future plans and place to live
stop take and start give, 'cuz now they just sniff
and drift away dreamin' of life and just how it is
to be lucky people that keep on giving these gifts
politicians say they wanna help people in need
but they don't care, they're always corrupted with greed
do me a favour now - next time you lie
be a smart fool first and use one different eye

vore nice med lite feedback, positiv som negativ... jag är inte särskilt duktig men å andra sidan har jag snabbskrivit denna. :)

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