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T.H - the feeling i carry

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-12-20 11:24

T.H - the feeling i carry

Ennu en engelsk låt som jag vill köre :)

once time a day i go up and look out

the sunlight flash my eyes

and it makes me wanna shout

on the street my boys walk

they are the friends of a lifetime

of joy and care

now its time for them to get their share

they have done everything i have asked from them

but i have never given anything in return

i still have much to learn

and i think to myself

and look over to the shelf

the photos are many

and so are the memories

i cant stop praying that all will come home tonight

i cant going on and fight

i cant keep on going like this

if we dont stop soon we

the people who care

wont have anything to fight for

thats for sure

i cant live with myself if anyone gets hurt

oooh please let me fly away and stay away

for ever and ever my friends will be safe

i need to get out

its getting late

oooh the pain...

i can feel it

so hard

we always have a good time when we walk the streets

we never look down and we stay on our feet

but this day was diffrent

it was if we could smell the scent

but those around me didnt care about it

they said *shit*

and walked away

i was the only one who wanted to stay

and as i saw them getting cowerd in darkness

life is like a game of chess

i could feel a hole open in my chest

i will try my best

not getting lost

but it comes with a cost

the fear had me in a grip

but suddenly i could feel the warmth of a friend

i looked back

and i could see my friends return

i really have much to learn

komentera nu :)