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At least I try

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-12-17 18:01

At least I try

I've had it with wordplays, dawg
Ain't no discussin' this
Taken my stance like Rosa Parks
Embracing battle with open arms
But still out for more than just another drunken brawl
No more half assed texts with stolen bars
Out to walk on the road of stars like hollyw.. only jokin' Hwa!
No more loveless loves, done with pouring salt in open scars
(Gotta put this here, Iron Man the movie, May 8th homie, Tony Starks!)
Adepting the butterfly effect on Murphy's law
Apocalyptic from hordes of crickets to locust swarms
..but you're just played out like similes..
Ain't no biggie like notorious kids
Life's a everyday paper chase type lord of the rings
Playing melodies of life applying its chord to the hymn
Happiness exists, folded in clips, rolled up and sniffed
..or smoked as a spliff, if your name's Dusty

Now who's holding the stick?

norman bates behemot
bubba fett alfred bello
arthur's detour azazello