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2007-11-13 01:04

-Hood Life-

Good thangs bad thangs come across,
this life is raw, dark, escaping laws,
around the corner you can see us slangin,
hangin, in all kind of different gangs n'
with all different ranks, class 1 hustlers,
bottom tied class 1 strugglers addicted customers
and always mother fucking 5-0 tryna bustin' us,
it the hood life, the good life,
the brothers same blood life,
the we dont care what, when, who,
if its fuck me then its fuck you too,
the life behind blocks, the life behind bars,
no life amongst stars, the life full of wars,
surrounded by tall concrete walls,
the money kills,the money talks,
the money does it all,
if you aint got no money in your pocket..
then you're bound to fall,
sweatin for cash, no time for pleasure,
and im about to O.D from the fucking pressure,
you better watch how you talk,
and you watch where you walk,
when you talk then you watch whay you say,
the word of man can kill if it reaches to a snake,
we livin' in a way where the way you choose stays,
puttin no faith in a face lookin fake and it all plays
by the reputation that you've made,
playas dressin up fly wearing half-kilo gold chains
like it aint no thang, homies locked up in cell blocks,
some got dropped, by drugs, 
overdosed cuz they couldnt handle the habbit,
a few still alive and they're still full time addicts,
others had it, and wind up in a psychiatric clinic,
these streets hunger everyday for a new victim,
it's hard to maintain by the conditions we're given,
sinners pray all day that god will become forgiving,
it's a mother fucking insane world that we live in...

Watch your mouth