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Verbal Mayhem

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-11-11 05:09

Verbal Mayhem

Ayo this is murder rap, i'll bet you heard of that,
verbal slaps, giving your nerves a zap,
im a word artisian and like poison in your system
when you listen, blow your mind like a .45 pistol
if you tryna snatch my necklace,
I leave you neck-less,
next no less than chest-breath-less,
god bless these reckless wack rappers
leave em 6 feet deep like their ancestors,
with the chrome i split your dome, slit your soul,
rip you through your flesh and bones,
I overload your brains with flows so dope you overdose,
the hater terminator, pussy penetrator,
push a rusty shank up in a traitor,
I take you deep, more than 6 feet,
more like the bottom of the sea,
thats more like me, you see,
im your neighbourhood emcee,
nice to meet my peeps call me k.r.e,
I take your brain on a ride like a rollercoaster,
im a thought provoking devlish mind smoker,
meaning I pop your mind with the rhymes spoken,
my history is this and weed, if you dissin me
you'll be missing teeth,
you dissaper in a unsolved mystery,
why friends when we can become enemies,
so remember me,  i'm ill, my skill kills,
like a homless would for a 100 dollar bill and thats the deal

Watch your mouth