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it iz wut it iz

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-10-26 22:29

it iz wut it iz

Life is such a mess, that's why I'm puffin sess
From my point of view life is just.. nothingness
I ain't escapin reality, I'm lookin for sumthin else
Smoke like it's no tomorrow.. I punch my chest
These lungs of mine will be the death of me..
but shit calms me down when I'm under stress
So if they don't function right, to the hell of it
I've quit a hundred times and begun again...
Mary got a hold of me, she ain't lettin me go
I smoke more than Steven in That 70's Show
We clicked, she embraced me with open arms
Just to leave me in the cold with a broken heart
You know when the love between you grows apart
And the relationship looses that glowing spark
But you still go and see her when your lonely..
When your all by yourself she's that golden star
I'm blind by the light when she shine in the sky
She's there cause I can't get high on my life

So I fire the la..