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a text message

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-10-18 17:56

a text message

don't want to see those sweet eyes
pierce through my souls little disguise.
i'm just one of the cool guys,
you see almost everywhere
hanging at corners, catching air,
and killing time. neglecting crimes
and making rhymes fit on some lines
with lies and aliases.
alienating faces,
making stupid catch-phrases
like good old, beam me up, scotty.
nothing too rough, like karate.
and not complex, like the lost ex
who's mind is next in my little text.
i fear her panic attacks,
and the fact she can't relax
through life with musical tracks.
for her life, i'd bleed myself dry.
all i want is her to get by
hallucinations, complications,
situations, limitations.
anxiety attacks night and day.
no angels to take her away.
i'm too weak to make her stay.
can't call her, i'm too weird and afraid.
communicationproblems, i blame.
i know you bleed deepdown red.
threads in your head made you feel dead.
my eyes can't see clear without you,
you're my glasses, my sun, my view,
my bird, my hope, my wings, my glue.
michelangelo would envy your art,
and bakunin would kill for your heart.
i write it again and again and you never seem to get it.
i write it again and again and you never seem to get it.

dreams are more real than reality.
the mentality is spinning fast.
fasten your seatbelts and go faster.
reminisce the kiss and the laughter.
watch me walk down the same rusty road
and implode at the same old bus stop.
i'm on top of the hurricane, "drop
down!", the clown said "i think he's a cop"
drink and drive, sit in the back and listen.
missing license, underaged, this is life.
relive it twice and don't pay the price
of death. out of breath, give me advice
on how to move without my disguise,
my lying eyes. tell me how to love
and take hold of her, keep her above
the pain the insane world she's sick of.
tell me how to be proud and strong.
if something goes wrong tell me to move
and improve the funk, the punk, the groove.
new wings, new things for you to approve.
i'm hanging around smoking camels,
all kinds of mammals. natural flavor.
bonfires that inspires these lifesavers,
they're on my mind, always on my mind.
on my mind.
you're always on my mind.