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Porno - Gutter music

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-10-14 23:51

Porno - Gutter music

Här en vers från en uppkommande låt:)

This is gutter music, so fuck acoustics/
Brothers loose grip when running loose lips/
Come and do spit, Ill punch your tooth in/
Stockholms all mine I run and pull strings/
Like a puppet master, love disaster, run ya down Im coming in after/
Sons of rappers, cunts and crackers,  press call me the number slasher/
Cuase I find all my victims in the telephone book/
And slice with precision Im a skeletone crook/
Hell is on shook, cuase I be sendin, the dead and the red in abundance/
And selling the venom, they tell me they love it/
The tenents aint ready, the general public/
SPend in acceptance, and buy all the covers/
it aint over yet/
Cause the day that they fall, we still pose a threat/
Fuck censorship this is dope and sex, notes of death/
The needle in your vein, and a rope around your neck/