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Shib - Pass the blaze

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-10-01 19:39

Shib - Pass the blaze

första texten jag skriver på engelska, så undrar vad folket tycker om det är värt att fortsätta på och kanske kicka på ?

i got the mary jane cuz i'm bright
so we'll blaze all night
so chill no fight so could you please pass the light
that's right, let's smoke it all up aight
you know my name even tho i'm not so fame
but when we'll pass the spliff we're all the same
call me insane, but i'm not the one to blame
blame the gouverment for fuckin up the blaze
fuck their base let's take it to another fase
chill days in space pass the spliff to my face
when your dry it's like the worst scenario case
i never deal so it's never happends to me
cuz i'm the G that growns he's own weed
with love and feel, behind a halv inches of steel
so i got the safety i'm no hasty
that's why my weed is so got damn tasty

Tack för all kritik.

pz out