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Quick 16 of the top!

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-09-22 17:37

Quick 16 of the top!

feedback is appreciated.

Take away my brain and you'll still get a livin' guy,
I use not only my brain, but my dick too, I get inside
of chicks, I bone 'em hard and leave their pussy on fiya
My erection can be seen from space like the Great Wall of China,
I'm tellin' the truth, I'm not a liya liya,
I'll leave a bitch screamin' “YEEA BABY” like they was Michael Myas,         (Austin Powers)
It's off the top like a monkey jumpin' from a tree to the floor,
A kangaroo from up in the trees, I’m jumpin' ya clique and bustin' through the door,
I'm rapin' yo mom...maybe a whore,
Wait till she finds out what's in store for her shell want more,
I'm done though, I'll throw a peace sign, I'm outty like a belly button,
But lemme upchuck more rhymes like a vegetarian eatin' sum mutton,
Pull the chord on this verse like an internally ill child,
Show yo inside like tits in a shirt on Girls Gone Wild,
Wet t-shirt contests, tell ya girl she lost...bad,
And tell her she left herpes on my cock...dag