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Neo - Some english shit!

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-09-02 11:16

Neo - Some english shit!

Many people are underrated
Like me who delivers fat bars to hungry faces
But readers, were shades, cause my lines are like funny lasers
They'll burn your eyes off, and shock you like a fucking taser
Im gonna turn your fucking head into a hospital
Carve out your eyes with my pocket knife
Replace them with firecrackers and then blow your mind
Away like E and into fragments
Like a head on dragrace
Antidrugs like a crackhead
Ironic like bragging about skills when you are a whoa rapper
Nothing hits me, not even mtv
When they play 50, it only sickens me
Money, girls, cars! Bitches please
Grow up and see, that your name isnt street
But your body will be after, when and if we meet

Goodbye and goodnight bitch!
Hope you like it!

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