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Commercial hiphop - Rabbiz

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-08-28 09:40

Commercial hiphop - Rabbiz

I hate commercial rap, everone knows the fact
Rappers put on a act and say absoloutly jack
Ohh..look at my bling and look at my 24 inch rims
And my house is bigger then the one you make on The Sims
Of course the media highlight this aspect of rap
When they talk about their macks and bitches on their lap
And when you inspect
They always stay on the same subject, like
I'm a robbery suspect and i tolerate no disrespect
But still they get respect
I rather join a amish sect, get kicked in the groin
and then let a unlicensed doctor operate my skull, with a coin!
Then ever listening to whatever you've sung.

No! My style of rap is that underground shit!
You know that reknowned lyricist spit
Like Immortal Technique and Atmopshere
KRS-One you know, one of the pioneers
But i also like SOV because of her flow
And Eminem because he was dope a while ago

You keep believing, I'll keep evolving