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Nero - Vers.1 på engelsk låt jag skriver. LÄS!

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-08-20 16:25

Nero - Vers.1 på engelsk låt jag skriver. LÄS!

After crossing the northern ocean our captain brought us to shore/
Had to continue my journey on an ironplated horse/
a bow and a sword, that was my weapon of choice/
before i start i pray to allah with a dark voice/
in my left hand the flag of Islam of course/
Enemy forces, soldiers controll the borders/
Lucifers slaves, black tripple sixes in their forheads/
im not scared cause i masterd the art of bloodshed/
The pages of the books of nero are all Bloodred/
Dont reed them, turn away or close your eyes/
cause you know the letters i write/
could rip the skin of your limbs like a knife when it strikes/
threehundred sixty degrees around no light in sight/
Looks like i have to sleep under the stars tonight/
i do my best to do right/
But right can be left, it depends of what angle of sight/..

Fortsättning kommer,

"Like Walter. E. Curtz, Im Living with insanity, I'll Raise Child Soldiers and make them Murder their family" - Nero