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Chub - Rest In Faith

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-08-09 22:38

Chub - Rest In Faith

Kunde inte komma på något bra namn på texten så det får duga.
Kommentera gärna texten, skulle uppskattas.

Soon I'll be, complainin' on recognision
Fullfillin' my way of spittin' so I'm forsakin' my fame to livin'
So ain't shit gon' let us kickin', then we need to let it sway
Fuck the fucking doubters, there's no need to hesitate
Just to rest in faith and when time is best we take
The next big step to gain full power on savin' they
Who may explain the thang, and save the whole industry
I want to go when it feels like rap is rollin' on wheels
And is saved from approachin' the heat, the heat of hell
Why you want tho' real in pain, fool fuck the weak instead
Tho' who reachin' death on the behalf of hiphop
Is it okey to kill rap, just because of these thoughts
That everebody can experience? But it appears in ways
That even the most potential motha fucka is a bit of death
Fuckin' bitches "Hey I'm new, so please be nice pal"
But noone wants your weak wack shit to happen