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Suspect - Suitable Style

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-07-25 13:51

Suspect - Suitable Style

I used to be fly, now truthfully im, loosin' my mind
Im clueless of life, in this cruelty times, you're abusing the mic
Got a suitable style, and lunatic rhymes,
im unique and tight,  let me proof i am right!
Now Im comin' up, with humbling stuff like Donald Duck
Im like a high butcher, killing for pleasure
Laugh in your face while i fisting your baby
You got me pissed of right, so i hit your bride
You're corny like the withe guy in Pimp my Ride
Im the guy forcing you to vommit ni head wind
And when it comes to rap i surely get the best price
I ain't like smoke and pass more like joke and laugh
I float like rafts with my exploading rap
Why battle me when im better homie?
Hey, your girl is in the webcam -- posing! 
You know Im Suspect , weres your testimony?