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City of Liberation (Wish I was there)

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-07-19 23:42

City of Liberation (Wish I was there)

I see the wintertime through my bitter eyes
but I visulize a better place in my inner mind
Shakin and shiverin - I can't stand this weather
I'm thinkin.. as I'm scratchin my hands together
I'm stuck but I can't be livin in this land forever
So I'm splittin the chains and I crack the fetters
It's low degrees and my red, snotty nose freezin
It's just another snow season of cold Sweden
Do I need more reasons for not stayin in this bitch?
Well there's a few more that got me payin for a trip
And I'm not talkin 'bout blazin on a spliff cause
that's a part of the problems that makin me sick
What I'm sayin is this... I'm addicted to dope
The spliffs that I smoke got me sniffin that coke
I do drugs and pop bottles cause I got problems
But they only sinkin me closer to rock bottom
Why do I not bother and learn my lesson when
my nerves is wrestlin with a severe depression?
And why do I remain in this worthless present
When I can travel to any of the worlds directions?
My place is a madhouse, I move with a bad crowd
And I'm always being followed by this black cloud
But forget about my background and past route
I don't have any last doubts.......... I AM out!
I'm sick of hassle and crap  - I had it with that
So I'm stackin my cash and packin my bags
I'm runnin from reality as fast as I can
And I ain't stoppin till I'm in the back of a cab
As a matter of fact.. I'll keep escapin
as long as I travel the paths of the national map
I don't care which vehicle controllin the lane
I'll go with a train.. get myself thrown on a plane
I'm floathing away over oceans and lakes (and I)
will row through the waves till the boat hit the bay
I let life show me the way to a lonlier place
where noone of they even knowing my name
The wind blows in my sail, been coastin for days
But found paradise.. I approached and stayed
I drove and traded the hard streets of concrete
With a long beach surrounded by palm trees
The warm heat combined with a calm breeze
Got me chillin when the first rays of dawn reach
Tired of home.. I drive on the road cause what if
I'm finding my soul at the other side of the globe?
If not, at least I got a little bit of peace of mind -
Free from grind and trouble that I leave behind
Here I'm sleepin tight without no weed to light
Plus I'm not wakin up from my dreams at night
Damn, I really wish I was able to freeze the time..
Cause this is the only place where I'm breathing life
I need to write my love one's.. I'll send my regards
With a "Wish you was here" at the end of the card
Even though this is me, my memory's scarred
with the pictures of you.. I'll remember you all
You gotta understand, I was livin in hibernation
and wasn't free till I found the City of Liberation


I see the wintertime through my bitter eyes
but I visulize a better place in my inner mind.