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Pigeon - Random shit for you wackass kids

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-07-06 21:11

Pigeon - Random shit for you wackass kids

3 verser som jag hade sparat i mitt "rimblock" eller vad fan man ska kalla textdokumentet hehe. Read em and weep!

Sista versen finns även inspelad med en till som jag la upp för ett par veckor sen typ HÄR

yo you can hound for control, but realize
I can twist the words and build a verse with 90 nouns in a row
thought you could step up but heard the sound of my flow
everythings wack nowadays, so how would you know?
yeah, picture me as quality like nikoncams
I mean, fuck bruce willis, you're still a die hard fan
and I might add, that you dont stand a chance
cuz you cant even barely practice battlerap, and thats a fact
I aint bullshittin
but you dont talk to the pigeon unless your name is dolittle
now, what the fuck are these dudes bitchin about
that I wont go up and give you a kiss on the mouth?
is THAT what this is about?
just cuz I put my dick in your spouse?
and told her "shut up bitch! this is my house"
so step back or get hit to the ground
and when I come through you betta take a different route

eyo, wack raps are doomed, kam fams the news
so snap back to reality befo we snap your neck
think your raps are cool? you dont have a clue
you dickheads are pussies... no one even knows your actual sex
pass the booze, pass the spliff
and we still show that nobody's as wack as you
so better leave your crappy tunes back at school
or we backlash you and steal your cash and jewels
here to blast yall fools and your wackass crew
and leave your whores with more sore throats than abstract rude
and fuck to kick your ass and mess up some brandnew shoes
I just pull down my fitted cap and let my guns handle you

im bringin black magic for these rapaddicts
laugh at em, tryna take a crack at rapbattlin
these wack faggets get manhandeled, literally
cant take me out, but man, you lines are killin me!!!
pigeon, sickest kid in uptown
clear enough? or does it need to be dumbed down
you stupid ass, i put it in perspective
steal your necklace and kill you friends
ill crash your party, take a piss in your pool
and you STILL run around yellin "pigeons so cool!!1"
matter of fact, I fuck you bitch in your room
and you walk in and ask if you can bring me some food

Just raw material I guess.