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Hotter than flames

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-07-02 16:40

Hotter than flames

Yo when I smack your jaw, rappers got lack of cars
Infact we are, the motherfuckin' rappin' stars
I crack your skull, show off with your wackest bars
You're the damn reason why I attack you all
These cats only wants to rap and get paid
I suggest ya'll to protect from a smack in the face!
Faggots and gays, ya'll remembering back in the days,
When these people had nothing but the rappin to face?
Rap artists turnin' wild into faggots instead..
Better watch out before I pull an axe to your head!
Matches are lit and now we're burnin the house
Step back make some space for the murderers now
Hotter than flames, it's wild when I'm rockin the stage
I'm prolly insane, but trust me I'm hardly the same
Glockin the gays who's thinkin' that war is a game
Locked in a cage, and mentally I'm lost in a maze

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