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There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-06-30 01:12

There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from

A soldier prepared to die, standin armed to his teeths
in his army fatigues that matches the autumn leaves
He's ready to kill, and you might find it hard to believe
that he's a part of a war when he just started his teens
He's feelin kinda nervous but is buildin up his courage
Because this is for real - this ain't the military service
No, he's in the desert of Iraq.. ready to fight back
and this time the M16's and Semi's got live amm.
It's 'bout to be on, they're close to his hidingplace
and when they find his face they gon' let the iron blaze

There's no time to waste...

The armys searchin on colleges - pickin their crews
cause they're buildin their troops with kids they recruit
These students should be ecucated and still be in school
They're so young their feets don't even fits in the boots
But they're lost on the path of life - feelin confused
So the generals testin em for what they willin to do
They hand em guns, teachin these children to shoot
and at that very same moment they're killing the youth
Free you mind, you don't know what's real on the news
Cus they concealin the truth and gettin rid of the proofs
Millions of jews and country that's been hitted with nukes
should be enough reason for all of us to be livin in truce
But the missiles still flew and blew over the city Beirut
and kill that innocent group of people.. civilans, dude!
Plus missin' platoons that got M.I.A-listed and doomed
lost their lifes because of their commissioner's rules
Survivors leavin with scars from what they see in the war
That's why so many soldiers end up with needles in arms
They might not bleed blood but they bleed in their heart
Well that don't concerne anyone of the people in charge
And all of the soldiers that gets placed in the frontlines
Know that they never ever again gonna see the sunshine
Pure assassination, they're just a shelter for the others
Leaders pack them in boxes and sends 'em as a cover
We need to agree more... start helpin out our brothers
and unite countrys instead of bein selfish to one another
Yo whut the fuck is going on with the human mankind
When little kids can't play outside because of landmines?

.. chaos broke loose, they droppin bombs from planes
Because the army came and found Saddam Hussein
The combat lane was a long way and now he's here
Somewhere in Iraq, layin on the ground in fear,
Shot in the belly.. open stomach.. cracked ribs
Holdin his insides in his hands, tryina put em back in!
But they ain't matchin.. his whole body's shakin..
the fatigues turns red, seems like he's not gon make it
Nobody gonna remember him after the casket sinks..
He's was just another trey in George Bush's battlefield

That's what had him killed...

So I burn the letter.. I won't join the militaty service
I shed a thought for all the children that you burried
Don't hand me a gun, I won't support your silly war
Cause there ain't a matter in the world worth killing for.