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Edosh - Recognize

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-06-21 00:28

Edosh - Recognize

Vet tji riktigt varför jag hookat upp lyriken här, jag tänker spela in detta iallafall. Det är över "Dj Premier ft. The Lox - Recognize" instrumentalen som jag kommer flowa. Det är 10 bars i varje vers och på refrängen kommer en homeboy cutta över wax, så det blir 3 cuts.

Det är inga dope ass rhymes. DIG' OR FORGET!

i defeat the competition you know the deal/
better recognize when i bring it for real/
master of disaster start caos like a warzone/
no humbleness when i take' over your throne/
with a technique, so raw that it paralyze y'all/
make ya dead body antique, the price maximize tall/
call it verbal holocaust or massdestruction/
netcees be dissapering it's my last construction/
this is street music yeah im the microphone fiend/
similour to the smooth operator doin' it all correctly/
if i fall down i guide you trough the underground/
brag like a narcsisst wearing a crown with a wonderbaum/

i don't need no big chain to conquer the stars/
convice the crowd while i try to spit all thoose bars/
im the infamous genius who smash jaws on retards/
ey you got no carrer imma squash it real hard/
no escape in this bitch cant sneak out the backdoor/
got no cash to press my tapes and send them to the labstore/
i'm the best kept secret so recognize my rap/
stay loyal to the streetcode and protect the stack/
i got the royal flow better treat me like a majesty/
punch a line at your chest and you can barely breath/
time to show your skills punk come and battle me/
no surprise though you gonna end up like the gravity/

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