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horror session

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-06-15 18:45

horror session

his check says, izlective
horror sprays all over your face, this is my ph4ze

i'm the fuckin man who outlives them
beyond this, other fuckin' idiots can't stand this
i've planned this, harder than you can ever errand this
you miss, reminisce those who collide with my eyes,
try to ride 'till they die and fall out of the horizon
various people, was always with the vicarious
took your disses, you understand that i parry 'cuss
watch me going hard, if you understand my bet
i'll smash your fuckin' face, if you undermine my set
serious, hardcore, sick, upptown streets
flex around us and be our scholar of beats

don't adventure, i'll give you fuckin' lectures
'lective sickness, don't be dealin' with my quickness
and mixtures, everything from kingcrests to sick incest
and fuck with me, i'll be nuking on you, ten degrees
fake the tease, your bitches give me naked remedies
now look while i finish these, and eyes will freeze
watch 'lective lecture with sick voodoo trees, his expertise

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