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keio - guests in the faulty towers

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-05-03 14:02

keio - guests in the faulty towers

it's automatics there's no room for no semi-
sprays, the pain delivered to mc's is constant
pain, bendin' bullets like if it was the matrix
last scene, you'll be naturally afraid when it's raining
cat's and dogs, cuz it's strictly no pussy
I'm not forcing-feeding you so why call me pushy
when I make you eat the food that caesers slaves
died from, or a caesar salad with his bones, oh
no you choke on some mozarella, you quiet down
like a mozart acapella, and you're not even deaf
but I am, spittin HIV, rhymes a disease
and there's no cure, you can't get rid of me
or me, or me, I'm another mental like John Clease
and haven't got all the guests in the faulty towers
if you know what I mean
a bit skitzo

the way I pick up the game, pick out the pieces
start to play, winning for no reasons just
rhymes over beats, and words and lines
listen, they found a dead man in the faulty towers