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Porno - If I didnt live at all

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-04-29 00:52

Porno - If I didnt live at all

Vers 1:

If I didnt live at all, than I know I will/
Regret it til I fall, get up and go again/
If you didnt give it all, than no-one will/
Listen to this song, that I sat and wrote for him/
Listen to the song, and make it dope again/
a little bit of porn, and a little show of skill/
I'll make you listen to it all, make you listen til you crawl and your ears bleed/
Ive never, dropped the ball because I fear speed/
Never dropped at all, because I steer clean/
Of risk and fairy dust, rabbit feet, magic beans, steaps and scary stuff/
I got hairy luck and knuckles to match it/
Action paralysed my muscle is spastic/
Traction is steralised, so hustle is tragic/
Fuck all yall actors, I am sad bastard/
So stand backwards, when I walk the street/


I wouldnt mind, if the sun went down/
To never rise again above my head/
I would just sit back and enjoy the ride/
Now would anyone bother if I did not live at all/

Vers 2:

Ey yo I start sweating, every time they ask me/
How am I feeling today, am I fine and happy/
Or am I, just bairly making it through/
Need a rest daily, someone making my food/
Cause if it wasnt for the sun I would get out of bed/
And if it wasnt for the voice I cant get out my head/
Id make active choice, and live life instead/
But now im sitting in my room feeling twice as dead/
With these invisable chains, medicinal pains/
The thought that you will never come and kiss me again/
Got me slitting my wrist, but Im missing my viens/
What kind of living is this, I cant risk getting saved/
So I sit with my page and stare at your name/
Whats written is his(tory), but Im scared of the change/
Scared I might realize that Im strong enough/
To start my life over and call his bluff/

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