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Document & Ghostarmor - Session [Eng] - Chasing deamons

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-04-11 14:45

Document & Ghostarmor - Session [Eng] - Chasing deamons

Mortalis aka Ghostarmor

I´m fighting ghosts but gets tired of, punching air
so I´m lighting joints and launching flairs
to get controll over the one thing I demand
like seamans but I aint a free man I´m chasing deamons
breaking dreams and creating means for living
but it´s hard getting by, so I´ll get far by staying high in it.
and that makes me incredible and, yes it´s a metaphor
Like my words are the only thing that makes heaven fall
it opens doors, I´m choosen, frozen and stuck to the floor
just like everyone else exept I´m punching more

Document aka Hannibal

A piece of advise when i rise to collect the lies
there´s no meaning to cry the same tears twise!!
combined with the presence of guilt on my shoulder
i told her, my breath fell heavy when it became colder
nortice the glance that reflects from the eyes
me and you combined is turning the dark into light
enough! butterflies from cocoons, humans from the wound
no option to stand still when there are goals to pursuit
so I stepped in to a role that was given to me
but the body is a prison when the soul isen´t free..

Master of Irony