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you're sadder than a funeral.

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-04-06 13:07

you're sadder than a funeral.

nowadays, silly rappers are truly rhymin' wack
watch out cuz I'm sicker than a psychopath
u dont wanna force me to battle you
cuz you ain't comin' nowhere with that attitude
it's like a mental, abnormal strategy
just like mass-funerals, it's a tragedy
after all, I'm truly back for ya'll
smack yo jaw, check it dog, I'm a rappin' star
I got the marvelous skills when I drop heat
when I enter the stage, I rock beats
ain't no need for hate juz cuz ma rap is deep
cuz wack mc's, gets theirselves a slap on cheeks
runnin down the avenues, dog I spit tactical
lemme spit it back to you, I'm a sick animal
I'll knock you down like a rhino..
..this is all for me, it is the final.

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