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The Verbal Murder.

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-04-04 02:43

The Verbal Murder.

droppar ofta, konstruktiv kritik tack.

juz like on science fiction where they swing swords
this might be the only way to impose
infinite distance, but still it is close
after the chaos, we leave u with a ripped nose
cuz I'm truly inspired by this heavy pen
I'm comin thru ya with facts that's relevant
I'm belligerent, listen to this hot rap
ridiculous rappers only drop crap
check it, I rock cats in this fake combat
be wise, cuz you only got one shot man..
your time has come like a withered rose
we turn this insane with the sickest shows
just for your information; this ain't no thug shit
ima slash your guts and make your blood drip
the only one in this game droppin the hardest shit
little children, get ready for the Apocalypse.

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