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Inspirational Self Destruction

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-31 11:36

Inspirational Self Destruction

Nuthin special..
En sen Fredag


heads up, hands down, my lines are packin the passion/
I feel the need for personal space, so I'm hijackin at NASA/

I'm sick of everyday bullshit, i'm fed up with this society/
i did every drug in existence, so why test me for sobriety/

I'm fuckin road ragin, rampagin, tearin faces up with razors/
goin crazed and so amazed that noone raves when my flows are blazin/

i dont know what i'm sayin, it just comes out spewin like hella dope/
phantom attack style, beasts on mars watch through telescopes/

my scripts in a bottle in the ocean waitin for translation to speech/
plus my heart is colder than icecubes on nerve endings placed in your teeth/

i'm outta reach, i'm in the clouds, baloon head is floatin away/
i've lost my flow, but when i spit,, ya get soaked when I spray/

fuck this shit i'm pissed, fallin off cliffs for entertainment/
get to the bottom and sit, then wonder where my brain went/

i'm outta control, an eighteen wheeler with no driver doin a buck/
and honestly, out of all those who've said it, I dont give a fuck!!/