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Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-30 00:48


I'm the boss that never took a loss,
yeah bitches you better applause.
If you bring you heat to make weather,
I'll stop time and re-write your suicied letter.
Writing rhymes that makes you mind blow,
crazy shit I got a Middle Eastern kind of flow.
Words hit you like bullets in the head,
a song would probably leave you dead.

First rapper from the North repping the Middle East,
verbal assasin, calling me the ninja on beats.
If I make this to a hit I'm a wonderkid,
if you can match this shit it's a wonder bitch.
Got plenty of bars of this magical shit,
c-walking on beats I'm a inactive member of the Crips.
No I ain't a Crip but I bang like one on beats,
real hard the same way the do it on Compton Streets.