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Racapp - feel

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-28 22:13

Racapp - feel

(tog lite rader från gamla texter o gjorde om också. )

u betta know that, baby im true to you
and im standing here, naked in the studio
written them rhymes so im spitting them lines
its lx, noone is sicker then i
Im not naked and stuff, im just making it up
and ur crazy enough, to believe what im saying in songs
i finance on ur fine ass
want big booty, not any white trash
dont care if ur white or black like michael jackson
i know u belong right on track at the psycho section
im the type , im like, a lizard with pens
u dont like my disses? good, i diss ya again
im mister what?, what? got problem when i piss in your cup?
good, cuz the problem is, im not giving a fuck
i deliver a chock, call it electro dance
tony yayo already in it, just check is hands

I gave fat joe his diet training
i made jim jones say "try to hate me"
and his MEAAAN RAP
i made eminem wife his lady
and say that HEES BACK
so ya´ll need to admire my making
i told dre to make beats that crazy
i made kelly pee on 'em ladies
and take a, REEMATCH
i told nas to kill the eighties
and bring STREET RAP
so ya´ll need to admire my making


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