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Pigeon - The barrel of a loaded gun

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-28 14:47

Pigeon - The barrel of a loaded gun

I might be far from a nice guy
but theres a difference between taking garbage advice and
being larger than life (right?)
I never asked to get gods glory
but I aint jumpin five stories cuz of sob stories
cuz a bruise might heal really nice if I give it time
but as it does Im not gonna sit around killing time
I aint no parasite, ill try and find my mountaintop
instead of countin sheep or sit around and talk
wont wait for the roses to rise or a token of life
or tryna cheat when Im better off just rolling the dice
yeah, a workout is harder than liposuction
and its easier to fly from trouble by hiding from it
but remember a boulder is bound to rumble
and theres at least one bad out of a thousand summers
but the less you spend with Mr. Self-respect
will lead you towards bloody arms and suicidal sentences

alright, when its high you can fall
but id rather strive for nuthin than not strivin at all
i dont rhyme for nuthin noir do I rhyme for trouble
this is for myself, dont write lines for applause
yeah, when its high you can fall
but id rather strive for nuthin than not strivin at all
cuz if I dont climb the top, least I didnt try to stop
cause the last thing i'd say is sayonara

sometimes its better taking a shot than dodging a bullet
and find the last piece that belongs to the puzzle
some might doubt your will, say your bound to break
while they're in the couch and wait for a night of grace
I say why the wait? it just ends with forfit
grab opportunity when it sits on your doorstep
people are too afraid of takin a first step
unless they've sit for hours and rehearsed it
call me crazy but i aint gonna live in safety
and if you dont like it you might aswell hate me
cuz I once rid on my high horse but got tired of it
cuz pride aint pride unless you rise above it
ive paid my price time for you to pay the cost
stand up and basically line your bullets
and in one second you can skip to face a loss
just look in to the loaded gun and take a shot

har precis skrivit andra versen så har inte läst igenom.. men what the fuck.. lägger nästan aldrig upp så va fan