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izzzzilectifff's session

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-25 16:37

izzzzilectifff's session

you know the drill so you know it's not gonna kill us
and my aftermath you will feel split seconds after seeing us
quit being us, we rock it hard and our multis advertise
because it knocks off your guard, it's called "jab them wise"
and "rock demise", whatever you think fits your eyes
izlective arises and mummifies you with ties and crests
until you wish your name was slipknot backwards in a medieval test
so how do you reckon our moves fits the description best
after your face gets punched off like in a science fiction quest
enter my nest, I'll make you feel concrete even where it don't exist
I insist you to be wise and back off to your governments
all these lies and ascent by political rats with loveraccents
every new day I discover resent and I wont back down for no thing
revolutionary clothing, I'm the renegade of this whole thing
socialist explosion from Uppsala, like Martin Luther King
arise from the dead to the ring, with a new set of life to bring

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