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16 bars future (engelska)

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-17 17:47

16 bars future (engelska)

lägger upp en text då, har redan spelat in och den kanske inte gör sej bra i text-form men tänkte endå att den kunde passa.. hoppas ni hittar rimmen!

back from cuttin phonewires cuttin off secret admirers
someone drank the ectoplasmic flow from inside us
police roam the streets with windows down blow by us
but wont find us we slide thru a sewerpipe while hiding

profile people im silently spyin
minature cameras inside of sleek pen lighters
we depend on this science
i'm 99 point 9 percent done i need guidance

suddenly i get a call from headquarters with new orders
tellin me they taking over for us.. so they teleport us
back to our quarters, a knock on the door and
with the food was something thats not water

i start to fade away with the rev jones
type cyanide-laced flavour aid they placed on my tray
body is twitchin i'm drooling and losin my vision
this is not the way i used to picture my cruzifiction