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Bittersweet sound of nothing [Dikt]

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-13 08:27

Bittersweet sound of nothing [Dikt]

Dreams - powerful sunbeams
Stroking us and leans
Over all the things that seem
So boring while awake
We reach but can not take
We hurt but cannot brake
The patterns and all of the mistakes
That drives us far away

Separated and blind
As we're walking down the line
Can we fight the time
And give us the moments lost
A sunshine turns to frost
A pleasure turns to must
We could stay the same
So dont go too far away

As we play our stubpid games
With all the things, with all the pain
We forget what life is for
To see the things that we adore
Something inside us will die
If we keep up with this old lie
We just want the world to know our name
So maybe we could make a change
But don't go too far away

I think - But the thought just blurs my drink
As I am the weakest link
I drown my value in the sink
And I sink beneath the ground
Where the bittersweet sound
Of nothing comes around
Watch me as I'm down
And technicly knocked out

Got through
The words all came untrue
But still they stick like glue
Yes exactly just like you
Echoes of my mind
Spoken thoughts unsaid
Am I dying in your head
I'm talking just to get
These lies out I've been fed

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