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2007-01-18 17:25

The One

Oh, no, not again. I bet ya´ll so sick of love songs like Ne-Yo, but look, this one means a lot to me. I never thought that I could ever fall in love again. But you proved me wrong. You know why? `Cos: you´re - the - one!

1st Verse
Don´t confuse this with a simple love affair
You could tell from the beginning that this love was rare
You bumped into me on purpose, it´s no fate
I began to st-st-st-stutter ´cos you looked so great
When it comes to ladies I´m kinda shy
But it´s not every day a chick finds a guy
that will worship a woman like a goddess
So you gave me your number, ("Call me") I promise
And so I did, we talked for hours
So hot, I had to take a cold shower
And after our first date I knew
You´re the one that I will make my boo

I would do a lot (only to get you)
Like slay a dragon or climb the highest mountain
to pick you flowers from the top (only to get you)
(Yeah, I would definitely do that for you...)

You´re the one
An angel was sent to me (Baby)
You´re the one
Maybe it was meant to me (I love you)

You see, I was this close to just give up.
I mean, I´ve been lookin´ for so long.
And now you´re here.
If this is a dream I don´t want to wake up...

2nd Verse
It´s not a dream, now you´re layin´ next to me
Honey, bein´ with you is like ecstacy
The relationship that we have is not a fling
I know you´re mine even though you don´t got a ring
and will always stay faithful ´cos you promised me
But to make this work we need honesty
communication, tenderness, trust, respect
´Cos there´s more to a relationship than just the sex

Yeah, I did a lot (only to get you)
I stopped smokin´, put the toilet seat down
plus I found your g-spot (only to get you)
(You know why I did all of these things...)

You´re the one
An angel was sent to me (Baby)
You´re the one
Maybe it was meant to me (I love you)

3rd Verse
Man, I can´t imagine a life without you
Here´s some of the things that I love about you
Your grace, your care, your laugh, your wits
Your face, your hair, your ass, your tits
You love me for who I am, despite my flaws
and accept my apologies for the fights I cause
You love my son like he was your own
You´re independent, open-minded, and love to bone
You´re beautiful, intelligent, and down to earth
Love don´t cost a thing, but I know what it´s worth
Hopefully, my lips will be the last you kiss
So I get down on my knees to ask you this:

Will you marry me?


It wasn´t a plot (only to get you)
when I popped the question, I gave you my heart
and the key to the lock (only to get you)
(I love you, don´t ever fuckin´ question that...)

You´re the one
An angel was sent to me (Baby)
You´re the one
Maybe it was meant to me (I love you)

Yup. There you fuckin´ have it. Just another love song. What?
Oh, you´re not supposed to curse on this kind of song? Shit, I
said the F-word twice. *sigh* I said "shit", didn´t I? Man, fuck it.
I love you... *laugh*

You don't think rational when you're lovesick
The heart convince the brain that the glove fit