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Red and Punk - Straight fucking Edge

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-01-15 01:07

Red and Punk - Straight fucking Edge

Amazing Red (Staxxxi)
Lost with OMD in the City of Angels

Dodging ECW with the comfort that faith brings

Don't smoke, don't drink, I live my life like a Straight Edge

Punk, while I'm screaming: This is my last pledge!

I swear I'll never kill again, not even hurt

I will never seek that thrill again, although THAT hurts

Like a zombie, I'm not afraid to die

Although if that was a lie, then what about the next guy?

CM Punk (Hwarang)
I take you to a promised land of body slams
I put copy cats with potty mouths in body bags
Red and Punk - the replacements in this matrix
I put fear in the business like Stu Hart's basement
With middle fingers in the air screaming: STRAIGHT EDGE
Unlike Adam Copeland... Open battle, hopeless bastards
Global disasters! Turning oceans to mashes, soldiers to fascists
An unfolded canvas - Its impossible not to put over E.Savage

Me? What? naw, I'm the kid closing curtains
Perfect? No, I'm a brew slamming guy with a purpose