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asma - how many times.

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-01-11 01:58

asma - how many times.

lite ångest efter bråk med flickvän.

how many times have i, dried your eyes when u cry
no need to fight when the lies unmask my disguise
and now you're back no surprise with the facts when i rise
no more struggle thats a promise to myself and the sky

turns white even at the darkest night, nothin shines
no tears even though the hardest life will be mine
no more struggle to get up, sorrow gets choked up
no more joke stuff, i gave my hopes up when i woke up

low cuts of sound, sorrounds me
and the wounds are enough, they're keepin me bound see
my friends cheer loudly, all around me,
but not even the beats around here get bouncy,

sunny days get cloudy, nuthin takes the pain away
my life fades away, every second's a rainy day
time heals,.... thats what the heads here say
and people believe em sorry but, they betray


my wish was to die for, the wish i'd lie for
was so unreliable, i had to lie more
the thing that i'd score, was nothing but a dream
and the lesson i've learned: nuthin is what it seems

i dont mean to be mean, i just mean to be me
and family means nothing in my meaninless tree
i just mean to be free, from the struggle within
but my life's on repeat so the struggle begins

the nights, the days, the weeks, the months
let's fight, hooray, i'm weak, as fuck!
but i dont wanna flee, naah i just wanna speak up
n tell myself i don't really need all of the cheap fucks

ima get some boxes n
then ill get blown away
aint no stoppin for me, i aint coppin no plee
ima stay true forever, i aint squashin no beef

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