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Racapp - Death Anthem

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-12-13 23:02

Racapp - Death Anthem

reach my bed, and i close my eyes
what am i about to see,am i supposed to die?
before i go to sleep, am i allowed to cry?
i just want to know fo real,cuz im lost in my mind
my flow is deep, this is just spoken rhymes
stop fucking with me, its from an open mind
hang myself with a rope and flee, im not slow when i write,
like a rose without bees,life full of fake hope and lies
rippin a hole in me, and people want to know why
they keep botherin me, this is not just a line
wait hold the beat, ...MAY I ROT IF I LIE
stop begging me to be and dont ask another why
listen to my answerin machine, and do not be suprised
just listen to it, saying im gone so goodbye
would love to be the guy, who jokes and fights
whos knocking down three,nothing to style
i throw this life, not even all gold can reach
throw it so far not even the eye globe can see
just let my soul be free!

I dont want to die,
But god is tempting me,
Sometimes i wonder why.
But i guess he's testing me
But if i would die,
problably its ment to be,
Just take every line,
that i written..'cuz thats all theirs left of me

One question, would you cry of sorrow?
if i told you that i would die tomorrow
would you commit suicide and follow?
or would you realize you have to smile and swallow?
can you open your heart and hide my shadow?
if i die, take my lyrics and make a fine album !
and ima listen to it in heaven with pride and honour
i been druggin myself, in rhymes and battles
trying to catch up with the lost time that passes...
ima rapper, maybe i shine and sell gold
and maybe just maybe the time flies and i get old
in a paradise ghetto, we rap lines instead of the cello
im special, look at my crazy style for an example
your style is fake gold, you know your style is yellow
god interview me and stuff like that, but i failed though
"hello, my name is alex, i guess i died, oh, oh no"

Have you ever thought about life..
No god in sight, and the endless light?..

Looks Like Life Left us Wondering, Where?, When?, What?, Well, While We Whine, Im Worried, If Lifes so Wonderfull.., Why are We Wounded With the question? ..
Hell or Heaven?

guess i'll never find out.. until i die

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